My website – Pureleverage Today has a rotator on every link on this website.

Every link has (and will have) all Pureleverage resellers in my downline, that is from my 2nd row ,  to the 100th row and onwards down. 

My site Pureleverage Today (PT) will be sent Facebook prospects from the FB page – Facebook Pureleverage Today, here PL resellers can have discussions about Pureleverage and other topics can be discussed with FB prospects to be directed to the site PT for more information about Pureleverage.

Pureleverage resellers will be able to talk about Pureleverage, it’s costs, it’s products and making money with the Facebook/PT system – Fan Page System

The Facebook Fan Page System can and will generate unlimited leads, you can get from using Facebook FPT.  and PT where sign ups and sales can and will occur

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Generating unlimited leads you can get from using Facebook and senting prospects to the site Pureleverage.Today 

So Love It and It’s A FREE System

Finally, it has made Network Marketing easy again with My Fan Page System Generating an unlimited source of highly qualified and targeted leads for your Pureleverage business!

So what do Pureleverage Resellers have to do …

All you have to do, to get your Pureleverage referrals links on the rotators is do the following … do the simple (Daily Core Commitments) which takes no longer than 5 minutes a day that is (Like, Comment and Share – 2 posts Daily) every day on the Facebook Pureleverage Today

The ‘Facebook Fan Page System’ Generating Highly Targeted Leads on Facebook for Your Pureleverage Online Business

If You ‘Like’ Things on Facebook You Can and Will Make a ‘Full Time Income’ with this Program

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To Your Success

David Jackson

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