Pureleverage is the first company that offers 100% in commissions. It has been helping its members succeed for the past 19 years.

So how does this 100% commission work? How can you take advantage of this offer?

For the first month, you will receive a full 100% commission on all direct referrals. At this level, you get unlimited width. What this means is that you can have as many direct sponsors as you can gather and get 100% commission on each.

For the succeeding months, you will receive 50% commissions on all of your direct referrals. On top of that, you also make another 50% commission on matching check of your direct sponsor’ total income.


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For example, one of your direct sponsors, Person A, was able to recruit sponsors of his/her own and now earns $1000. From all of Person A’s direct sponsors, you get 50% as your residual income. You get, in this example, $500. This goes on and on, unlimited for each of your direct sponsors earning.










You even get commissions from Person A’s earnings from his/her own direct sponsors. Let’s say that Mr. G becomes one of Person A’s direct sponsors. Mr. G recruits his own direct sponsors and earns a total income of $1000. Person A gets 50% from this, which is $500. Add this to Person A’s total incomes of say, $1000. Person A has a total income of $1500. You still get 50% commission from Person A. You get $750 commission.  This goes on down the line.


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A great opportunity, right? Visit our website Pureleverage.Today to learn more.

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