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Pureleverage started on March 2013 and by 2017, their membership has reached half a million—that’s 500,000 people who trust in what they have to offer.

Pureleverage offers different types of packages to cater to varying needs and preferences. Their packages include Basic, Reseller and the VIP.

 The Basic Package fee is an affordable $24.95 per month. It comes with the following product marketing features and tools such as:

  • Lead Capture System: This has a “done for you” campaign, pre-written follow-up series and customized pages for lead capture.
  • Autoresponder: This inclusion allows for the compilation and sending of mails to up to 10,000 subscribers. Up to 100 campaigns can be created, with forms generation to be posted on personal capture pages and websites.
  • Video Email Service: unlimited sends within the campaign, 10 sends a day using the “Send to Friends” option.
  • Conference Room: all new features are included in the 100-seat capacity conference room.
  • Full video tutorials: This comes with live training. The training calls will be recorded so you can view them anytime.

For their Reseller Package, with a monthly fee of $19.97, all the contents of the basic package are available, along with these Promotional tools:

  • Lead capture templates, personalized for your business for building hot leads
  • Multiple banners on the website or for advertising on other websites to generate traffic
  • Ad copy with professional content for blogs, emails, social sites etc.
  • “Invite a Friend” click system for inviting contacts on email accounts such as Aol and Gmail.

The package provides additional affiliate management functions such as:

  • View and email leads
  • View and email downlines
  • View commissions and payout history
  • Top campaigns or referring links
  • Videos to communicate stories to downlines
  • Custom landing pages

For the VIP package with $97.00 per month:

  • Live coaching with leaders in the industry
  • PLR store for professional look to conference presentations
  • Video frame skins
  • Graphics for PowerPoint slides
  • Royalty-free music

An Elite Club is currently in the works. The tools suite can also be upgraded to further boost your business.

David Jackson has been an Affiliate Marketer for 10 years. Essential information and powerful tools that will grow your Pureleverage can be found at https://pureleverage.today/

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